San Francisco map art print, black and white puzzle maze

San Francisco Maze Map (Small)

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12 inch by 12 inkjet print 
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Draw, color and scribble to your heart's content on this miniature art print of my larger San Francisco maze map poster! This small maze is printed on lightweight paper using an inkjet printer.

Wander your way through San Francisco’s iconic street grid as an amazing maze! 

San Francisco's orthogonal grid is a story of urban order laid in defiance of a natural terrain of no less than 42 hills. The resulting roads are a rollercoaster ride that famously climb vertically and drop steeply.

Starting at the Golden Gate Bridge, navigate your way to Twin Peaks, one of the highest points in the city. On your way, wind down Lombard Street or stop off at Coit Tower. While there is only one solution to Twin Peaks, there are many ways to get there.